Frequently asked questions about SureFit Services.

Here are some of the common questions we get asked by our clients.

What are the minimum numbers you will come to site?

We will come to site for any numbers from 1+.

Can SureFit Services come to site?

Sure can.  Please advise of any special site entry requirements

In addition to site visits we also can come to your office, home, or at our partner providers premises.  Please enquire for our program partners.

Where does SureFit Service conduct Fit Testing?

We cover Australia wide. Please refer to our location diary. If we are not in your area on a suitable date please contact us as we may well be there soon.

Can I book multiple people?

Sure can.  For larger groups please do not hesitate to
contact us to discuss.

Can I book and pay with my PPE/Safety provider?

Sure can, please check out our program partners on the ‘About Us’ page.

Can SureFit Services conduct testing at my PPE/Safety providers premises?

Sure can. Please advise of any special site entry requirements. All we require is 240v power to operate our airconditioned van.

In addition to site visits we also can come to your office, home, or at our partner providers premises. Please enquire for our program partners.

How long will the testing take?

Please allow 20 – 25 minutes.

Can I be fit tested for disposable masks?

Yes. SureFit Services can test all disposable masks, most re-usable ½ face and Full Face masks

Can I be fit tested to multiple masks at the same booking?

Yes.  An additional fee will be charge for this please advise at the time of booking

Can I smoke or have food or drink prior to the test?

Prior to 30minutes before testing NO. Our machines are highly sensitive and will give incorrect readings if food, drink or cigarettes are consumed prior.  This includes gum and mints.

What do I need to bring to the Fit Testing session?

Your mask, any other PPE you wear while working.  Including safety eyewear, hard hat etc.

Do I have to be clean shaven?

Absolutely.  Evidence shows that wearers cannot be guaranteed a consistent high fit factor with varying stages of facial hair growth.  SureFit Services will not conduct testing without being clean shaven.  Wearers who attend without being clean shaven will be offered a razer and shaving cream to shave.  Failure to do so will forfeit the test and any fees paid.

How often do I need to get re-tested?

AS/NZ1715:2009 Standards require all RPE wearers to be tested at least annually OR if facial features change. I.e. Weight loss or gain, denture work or other facial changes OR if you or your employer decide to change the brand, model or style of mask originally tested.

I have now been tested. What mask can I use?

Only the mask or masks you have been tested to.  You can buy a new mask at any time as long as it is the same brand, style and model as the one tested.

Will I get a test certificate on completion?

Yes, you will get both a test certificate for you or your employers records along with an I.D card showing you required details to keep on hand for onsite requests and renewal reminder

Will SureFit Services remind me when my annual check is required?

Yes, all collected personal data is kept for only this reason and will not be passed onto external agencies.

Do SureFit Services offer 30 day accounts?

We have a partner program for many existing PPE providers.  Most likely you have an account with them.  Please enquire for our program partners.

Still need help? Send us a message!

For any other questions, please emial us at sales@surefitservices.com.au or call us on 1300 300 874